СД, Schokk, T1ONE - Лучший рэп

СД, Schokk, T1ONE - Лучший рэп
Исполнитель: СД, Schokk, T1ONE
Жанр: Рэп
Длительность: 03:47
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Правообладатель: ООО "Издательство Джем"
Лучший рэп
320 kbps
В приложение
Fate I know in advance
No predictions, no fortune-teller,
According to the predictions of lives -
Only a coward and a pathetic dullard.
I firmly chose himself his way,
It is not bread, butter namazhu,
But I, and slave, back bending,
I will not go where I will point.
I was not a chip of wood afloat
I have not dragged with the flow,
I chose the path, I myself live
How I wish, [bad word] 
I am on top, a stranger to any decree,
Kohl decree is not of God.
Do not wait for me, who I would file,
I take it all himself, and once a lot
And I do not need another way
I made my choice once.
Past reverse does not rotate,
How to be born into life twice.
My path is clear as day,
Let it placed traps.
Free beast always a target,
At the sight sniper on the fly.
My journey is dangerous and thorny,
His final since my childhood I know
I perish, but shall be clean,
Yoke themselves do not mess.
I can not take on soul sin
Do not chase the other on the block.
His choice to make - the right of all
And the law will not fear,
That no one would have regretted
And just so and not otherwise.

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