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Moreland & Arbuckle – Long way home

Moreland & Arbuckle
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исполнитель Moreland & Arbuckle

длительность 03:09

размер 7.23 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Long way home
There were something in the air That kept me coming back for more It kept dragging my mind on back To the night before She was a red headed devil With a face like an Angel Looks like a little slice of Heaven But she’s gonna drag you right down to hell Then it’s a long, long long way back home Seems like every single night you At your favorite little spot downtown Want to keep the whisky flowing So you keep on throwing money down Come time to make rent due You don’t have a penny there to pay I hope that whiskey keeps you warm When you don’t have a place to stay That is a long, long back way home Spend your whole damn life Doing everybody around wrong Getting over getting by That time is the same old song And every time you get sweat in your pants You swear it’s never gonna happen again One day you turn around and Find yourself without a single friend Then it’s a long, long long way back home Oh it’s a long, long long way back home Then it’s a long, long long way back home
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