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Wagon Christ – BEND OVER

Wagon Christ
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исполнитель Wagon Christ

длительность 04:48

размер 4.40 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено BlackWhiteOrang

Kicked the door down and a man was in there and he went to get us so I picked a chair up and threw it at 'im and started bootin' it in and nutted him and everything We got out there and we thought we’d have a go and have a bit of a spend up and I bought some new boots and braces and some Levi Sta-Prest I was sitting indoors having a cup of tea and there was a knock at the door and it was the law, and me mum said for them to come in because she knew something was up, and then they accused me and said I’d have to come down to the station We’d been witnessed, so I went down there and said I hadn’t done it and I denied it all and then we’d all made different statements and we were all wrong Anyhow, I got proven guilty and I got two years in borstal They gave me these rotten old clothes that had numbers on them, bar of soap an' a towel had a number on an' all, an' a razor and a couple of blades which were blunt I give yer my number 5360 A geezer come round, a guv’nor, and he says «I've got a friend, if you’re good an' that you can go down to visit him, he’s got a nice swimming pool down there, some of the boys go down there.» I thought yeah, I thought yeah, that’s if you bend for 'im
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