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Beverley Mitchell – What Am I Doing Here

Beverley Mitchell
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исполнитель Beverley Mitchell

длительность 03:33

размер 4.71 MB

битрейт 184 kbps

загружено Tontons

What Am I Doing Here
This is the last place I should be We both know where this will lead I made myself a promise I should have though this through I don't really want this, but maybe I do Chorus: What am i doing here, what are we doing now I try to move on and you tried to move out Is anything still the same, did everything disappear I need you to kiss me, and make it all clear What am I doing here What kind of love is this we're in That makes me want you again and again Everybody's talking, but i've got nothing to say Am i really lost or just finding my way CHORUS it's the posion, it's the cure It's the madness we choose to endure It's the push and it's the pull I get so tired, of playing the fool CHORUS What am I doing here, I thought we had a plan So why am I standing just where I am Is anything the same, did everything disappear I need you to kiss me and make it all clear What am I, who are we Just what am I doing here
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