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Beverley Mitchell – Angel

Beverley Mitchell
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исполнитель Beverley Mitchell

длительность 00:30

размер 3.91 MB

битрейт 173 kbps

загружено Tontons

Have you ever met an angel Whose smile is like the sun Whose laugh is like a melody That reaches everyone Have you ever hugged an angel Swept up in their embrace And swear there's nothing in this world That makes you feel that way Chorus: Have you ever really loved an angel Once you have you'll never be the same again Have you ever had to let go of an angel Say goodbye, let 'em fly, my angel, my best friend Have you felt the strenght of an angel When you need it the most Lifted by those gentle wings You know you're not alone Every now and then I feel the peace inside Wherever life may take me, I'm guided by the light CHORUS Cause I have really loved an angel How could I ever be the same Cause I have had to let go of my angel Say goodbye, let 'em fly, my angel, my best friend
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