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Archspire – Ascendance to the summoning

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исполнитель Archspire

длительность 04:14

размер 7.40 MB

битрейт 243 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Ascendance to the summoning
Leave this earth behind Ascend upon the skies To fruition comes the plan mapped by the allied sect To appose the ghosts of tongue All breeds vow to protect To relinquish atrocities made by once mortal men The self-fulfilling profits of natural orders descent We will hunt them find them kill them on earth air fire and sea Are elements will be our weapons, sculpt the laws of each Take to the skies Mute testimonies of the lost arts of antiquity Strength encompassing Ascendance to the summoning Rise from earth Conquer the live undead Redeem our species We are our elder's seeds Transport in secrecy Employ the recoil of all that is Ancient burden not with pain those heroic that which ensue this conquest Guide them unscorned through your righteous maze of burning stars Follows now/ the internal/ process of /transportation to/ the collective assembly Assurance of/ your return/ lay only/ ----upon our full/ victory First vanquish the repulsive pulse of fear that rots within Release the mind release the flesh!!! Remove your eyes now Sink your vision/ deep within/ your imploding mass/ What remains will follow Cacophonic/ shrills leech/ the exhausted/ Dissipating breath out your throat into the air The blood well/that lets/ from your/ ---- Dormant sockets hosts your soul Let it billow/ from the fading/ flashes of your/ decomposing Your self now filters up through the crimson mist Of your empty shell. Become as light not seen Yet to behold all sight without eye To hear the echo of your banshee without the use of sound All red encompassing/ not alone/ yet without the self Threads of your past remain/ to engulf/ what now elevates Thoughts form to you as skin/as beckons/ selfless destiny A mockery of flesh/ serves now as/ your protective shield The composition of your past/ frail recollect/protects you from awaiting / atmospheres/ alien to man No longer are you human/ but a pure catalyst of man/ To join in the séance/ on the planet/ where the eldest lay Arrive encrusted/ in the ash/ of your scalded live/on the Omni ancients/ infinite/ resting ground
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