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Archspire – Lucid Collective Somnambulation

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исполнитель Archspire

длительность 04:17

размер 9.89 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Lucid Collective Somnambulation
Sweating blood from open pores in fear of these nocturnal visits Many tongue chatter incessant, deep into my sleeping self Instructing me while I dream from worlds beyond and below Their voices, a kaleidoscope of colours I can’t describe Foreign senses stimulate the brain beyond all comprehension An entity only visible as a radiant force They speak to me more intensely knowing now that I am able To sculpt the world within this lifting lucid field of REM From under my skin The blood I’m sweating Turns black as it spills from me From out of my mind Inner voice of reason Falling away My tongue and ears and eyes, removed by the force of voices That now control my living river of bleeding endless black ascendance Hear none, speak none See a new consciousness beyond escape What am I and what are they to me? What are they and what am I to them? Cleansing stream of fluid flowing Flushing all my fears away All the rotting cells I leak Drown me from the outside in Dissolving my expired body As I’m carried toward the awaiting shore Lucid collective somnambulation Lucid collective somnambulation Voices of many that now become one Tell me I must find my other For although we’ve never met in life We share the same dream Two minds Construct matter from a unified consciousness, reborn To dream forever From her eyes and mouth The sands of time spray A burial from the inside out Expelling endless earth Freed from fear Becoming dunes that level out To form the coast of sand and blood A mental mending Existing as dead, alive and dreaming Within each blood cell and sand grain Shaping the fabric of the collaborative dream-scape Triggering the birth of a vast land beyond our earth Join us in the vibrant bliss, dream a new reality Sleepwalk off the crumbling edge of illusion and mortality See now what the many see, hear now what the many say Lock into a lucid state to congregate upon this plane This realm grows larger with each new awakened dreamer We will guide you into lucid collective somnambulation Past the portal leaking evil duplicates on earth If in dream you truly live, in reality you need not exist Unlock the powers of your sleeping brain And ascendance from your body will begin
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