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Enthroned – Petraolevm Salvia

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исполнитель Enthroned

длительность 04:02

размер 9.27 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Petraolevm Salvia
Sweet liberation, won’t you spare me over till Another moon? What is this that I can’t see… witch ice Cold hands taking my throat? Who will be whole and keep thee from sickness? Resist the stroke of pestilence; Let him be glad and void I’ll open the spheres onwards to the Qilpphoth I’ll fix your feet till you can’t walk I’ll lock your jaw till you can’t talk I’ll shut your eyes so you can’t see The World will turn silent… This very hour come and go with me In salvation I come to take thy soul Leave the body and leave it frigid! Drop the flesh off of the frame! The earth and worms both have a claim Abandon hope, I came into being a bubonic wonder A deity in itself… the usurper of the heavens… A new god for you Worms Bow Before your master! Hail to the master! Ave Luxfere! Serve me you whore, serve me, serve your lord!
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