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Grey Skies Fallen – Of the Ancients

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исполнитель Grey Skies Fallen

длительность 06:32

размер 15.02 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Of the Ancients
Torn between two worlds He stands, his mind astray Others come offering easy ways To lead this man away Waiting for the sign A flame engulfs the sky Yet he lives and still he breathes As all the others die This man now stalks the land In search of another He must come to terms with A life that was snatched away Still the heavens burn And the world is cold and dead Seems we didn’t learn From what the ancients said He’s giving all he can A tired, broken man Always fighting to live Doing what he can Why have you left me as the only one? Crawling, clawing, a scavenger Fueled by the rays of the sun My planet, a corpse, its people just a memory Taken aback by the loss The complete and utter end Left there for all time He quickly realized Words of the ancients Showed them the way They threw them to the side Words of the ancients Spoken so long ago Ignored by them all Words of the ancients Still I remain, I wait for his return Man of fire, lord of dawn
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