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Grey Skies Fallen – The flame

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исполнитель Grey Skies Fallen

длительность 07:10

размер 16.44 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

The flame
Burning brightly, stand beside me Behold the world This incarnation, it infects them One by one The plagues of old, horrors untold Replaced by modern men With genocide, amid their cries The screams for life So many before you have fallen before me What makes you so different than they were? Do tell me And why should I even care? It’s your world that’s beyond repair Chances were given and messages sent You chose to ignore them, your time is now spent Visions of life after death I assure you are just that And when it comes time to destroy you You’ll learn the reason why I came to this place and why you all must Die by my hand, a cleansing of lands Plant the seed for those to Come take my hand Beside me you stand Observe as fate unveils her Plan to destroy you The ancients before knew Yet they left you to fend for yourselves From my being here, you must know you’ve failed To discern right from wrong, you’ve killed your world Raining down, what’s left of the sky Liquified it drips to the ground
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