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Leons Massacre – Salvation or Illusion

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исполнитель Leons Massacre

длительность 04:31

размер 10.35 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Salvation or Illusion
Straight to the bottom. I'll Never Face this lies again. It feels so wrong, it feels alright this is salvation! No! I can't face this lies but i'm sure you could. I can't change this things, that things what happend to me! this is my way! is it real or not? This is my path, i've been walking for so long. This is salvation! For sure it is! Before you fly you have to fall. GO!!!! i Feel my darkest fears and lies! I've been walking through this Storm. Until we meet again, i have to ripp my heart out. And if there's nothing left, nothing left of us. I'll hold you through the darkest of all days. this nightmare never ends, but i'll hold your Hand until you're awake. I'll guide you through illusion. In the end we find salvation. This is not the end of, this is Not the end of everything, of everything we know baby. Come on, i will Guide you threw this, i will Guide You threw the pain, the Fame And everything we've wasted. This is a Dessert! It is a wasteland!!! 4x. THIS IS A, THiS IS A, THIS A DESSERT !!!! 4x (Dank an Martin Koinegg für den Text)
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