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Pervy Perkin – Of Echoes and Reflections

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исполнитель Pervy Perkin

длительность 12:04

размер 27.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Of Echoes and Reflections
The course of the man Is hiding from him The sky is red, the darkness is here When the shadow has come A light has been seen From the depths to his eyes I can see A reflection in time Too short to be told To the east we turned and soon we forgot For days weeks and months We travelled the world Only echoes in the night what we have got From the coldest ice To the boiling fire From the viking lands To the rivers of mayan Hundred days have past We are lost and tired All it seems is hard to believe! Wherever I go Whatever I see Only echoes and reflections We are getting so much closer I dont care what it takes Ahead Tack Turn the rudder, hoist the mainsail Fast is the chase And long the run The wind is with us The gods show their trust Long may be the path But not the chase We're on the right way The men are falling, sir That's where it would be found. Impossible maze? They need a rest; my captain I never ever lost a trace Follow the sign My captain please The ancient path No man should reach Rest is but triumph's enemy! Wherever I go Whatever I see Only echoes and reflections The light of the stars is guiding my way It's so clear to me It's too late now, glory awaits In the depths of the sea
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