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Bad Astronaut – Killers And Liars

Bad Astronaut
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исполнитель Bad Astronaut

длительность 03:04

размер 4.23 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено vdemon

Killers And Liars
Ruth, think about the hope we waste, everyday we erase Ruthie can’t hear me at all I come home Another story to own This one speaks highly of you In notes of the cruel And lying is like murder, it’s easier each time There is only one more step towards your prize Open their eyes, open my eyes If we could be anything, I’m a dirty monster Once I remember forget Lies confess, eyes undress Your eyes are covered in tarp We buried your heart And lying is like murder, it’s easier each time There’s only one more step to reprisal Open their eyes, open your eyes I’ve got the sickness, I’m the proteg', I’ve been blessed I am diseased boy, catching now like all the rest We are revenge, we are progress, we regress Hypercynical, hypercynical, hypercynical I dreamt murder, ending my regrets One thing to depend on is the union of killers and liars Open your eyes
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