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2Pac feat. Richie Rich – Heavy In The Game

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исполнитель 2Pac feat. Richie Rich

правообладатель Universal Music Group Interscope

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:21

размер 9.98 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Heavy In The Game
{all parts with Lady Levi speaking are strictly best guess} *1 [Eboni Foster] Game's been good to me *2 [Eboni Foster] I don't care what it did to them The game's been good to me [Lady Levi] Oh, you tink life is yours? Life ain't na somethin you can rap with Ooh come na ordinary game Da game na somethin you can rap with Me's a player you know? I do not, play in no game Me just, make money, dollars, everytime seen? Verse One: 2Pac Now how can I explain how this game laced, plus with this fame I got enemies do anything to break me, my attitude changed Got to the point where I was driven, twenty-four/seven Money's my mission, just a nigga tryin to make a livin These busta tricks don't want no mail They spendin they riches on skanless bitches who'll stay petrified in jail It's hell, plus all the dealers want a meal ticket Jealous-ass bitches, playa-hatin but we still kick it Always keep my eyes on the prize, watch the police Seen so much murder, neighborhoods gettin no sleep But still, I get my money on major, continuously Communicatin through my pager, niggaz know me Don't have no homies cause they jealous, I hustle solo Cause when I'm broke I got no time for the fellas, listen Ain't nothin poppin 'bout no work nigga, I ain't no joke Fuck what they say and get your dough nigga Heavy in the game *1 [Lady Levi] Who da bumba claat him a come try take mine? Oooh, me see you rushin up *1 I throw 'im blood claat P.M. to A.M. All, all da bumba come ya take dis ting for ya take dis ting for joke? *2 Oh!Dat's right Verse Two: Richie Rich Well lemme shoot some of this how heavy type of shit.. Certain niggaz wanna stick to the game, yousea trick to the game Waitin upon your turn, so when will you learn? Ain't no turns given, niggaz be twistin and takin shit Puttin they sack down, then puttin they mack down Me myself I hustle with finesse yes I'm an Oakland baller Rule number one: check game, and fo' sho' you gon' respect game Be yo' own nigga meanin buy yo' own dope Cause that front shit is punk shit, somethin I never funked with Be true to this game and this game will be true to you That's real shit; disrespect, see what this here do to you That jackin and robbin, despisin your homie ain't healthy, niggaz be endin up dead 'fore they get wealthy But not me though, I'm sewin somethin major so what I reap is boss -- that's why my public status is floss Went from a, young nigga livin residential to a, young nigga workin presidential *1 [Lady Levi] Me nigga Tu-pac ALWAYS look good You know that's true 'im look good every time Ooh, pussy war?Step up *1 Can yi know I'm servin up blood claat playin yi fuckin games Ooh, we take game, we WON *2 Any by now, all, yi haffa forget fi we WON Everytime Verse Three: 2Pac I'm just a young black male, cursed since my birth Had to turn to crack sales, if worse come to worse Headed for them packed, jails, or maybe it's a hearse My only way to stack mail, is out here doin dirt Made my decisions do or die, been hustlin since junior high No time for askin why, gettin high, gettin mine Put away my nine, cause these times call for four-five sales cause life is hell and everybody dies What about these niggaz I despise -- them loud talkin cowards shootin guns into crowds, jeapordizin lives Shoot em right between them niggaz eyes, it's time to realize follow the rules or follow them fools that die Everybody's tryin to make the news, niggaz confused Quit tryin to be an O.G. and pay your dues If you choose to apply yourself, go with the grain and come the riches and the bitches and the fame Heavy in the game *1 [Lady Levi] Boy, ya nah bitch! Major that's true we look good everytime when we at Beers Diamond and Tupac drives vintage car *1 And fi dem frame dem look good, oh no? This whole world ya call on gonna mass on a face *2 For any, section of bumba ras claat, oh! Flush it! .. Oh! Nobody wan come test me y'know true dem we a drive pretty car Wanna no part of any ting and now you wan come drown a gun But ya see we know, you haffa show 'im MAXIMUM respect for when a blood claat run or when a pussy walk up we look good everytime Nuff dollars, DOLLARS Y'know about dollars dem right? But we nah talk no shit We haffa walk de walk for we a talk, see it? Cause action, action speak louder dan words You know da record! Don't blood claat ting at ALL
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