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Steve Camp – Justice

Steve Camp
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исполнитель Steve Camp

правообладатель Universal Music Group Sparrow

жанр Поп

длительность 04:35

размер 10.51 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

You met a smooth-talking stranger Had Cupid on his arm His words went down like fine red wine And he won you with his charms You loved him and trusted him Believed every word he said But he lied and he deceived you Now someone else is in your bed He left you for another He betrayed you with a kiss But God says in the end Just give me justice! (Whoa-oh, justice) Last night I turned on my TV And a preacher said to me He said, «Just send me a $ 100 bill God will bless you ten times, you see!» Some equate money with holiness But, my friend, that is a lie One man claimed God held him ransom If he didn’t have enough, he’d die! But my life does not consist Of all the things which I possess Do you hear God’s call to faithfulness And not to success? Ah, give me justice! (Whoa-oh, justice) It’s time for justice! They say the church has been silent She belongs in politics So we turned our eyes to Hollywood And we found a president Who said he was one of us That his life was hid in Jesus' scars But it kind of makes you wonder When his wife consults the stars But God laughs at kings and princes And all their foolishness And the cross waves higher than the flag And they best remember this (God loves justice!) Ah, He love justice! (God loves justice!) My Lord, He loves, He wants (God loves justice!) (God loves justice!) Look through your stained-glass windows Sitting right outside your church There’s a poor man living on the corner Not a penny in his purse His clothes are torn and tattered Got no shoes upon his feet Have you shared with him your bread and wine Or left him on the street To care for the widow and orphan Pure religion is this When you’ve done it to the least of them There is justice! Justice! See how the faithful cry Has become an adulteress Her heart is full of worldly ways Instead of righteousness «When you raise your hands in prayer I will hide my eyes from you I find no pleasure in your offerings When your heart has been untrue Take your evil deeds Out of my sight! Stop doing what is wrong And do what is right!" Ah, listen to the word of the Lord Do not rebel or resist For if you harden your heart, you’ll learn Ah, there is justice! All I want is justice, yeah!
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