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Afgrund – Nuclear Hazzard

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исполнитель Afgrund

правообладатель Universal Music Group Willowtip Records

жанр Метал

длительность 01:40

размер 3.81 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Nuclear Hazzard
Leaking containers of toxic waste Uranium and Plutonium polluting this place Contaminated radiation leftovers Dumped in soil and waters Cursed to behold the atomic menace Extinction of the human race Sneaky, creepy, crawling death Particles even infiltrate by breath Infecting blood, affecting the growth of cells Cleansed landscapes, a vision of hell Even the smallest half-life will outlast us all Barrels buried in saline mines Or at wastelands and deserts all over the world Left to rot, forever seeping into the ground A jurisdiction, so unclear and blurred
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