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Eric Andersen – Champion At Keeping Them Rolling

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исполнитель Eric Andersen

правообладатель Universal Music Group Vanguard Records

длительность 02:43

размер 6.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Champion At Keeping Them Rolling
I am an old-timer, I travel the road I sit in the wagon, and lumber's my load My hotel's the jungle, my cab's my abode And I'm well known to Blondie and Mary My liquor is diesel oil laced with strong tea And the old highway code was my first ABC And I cut my teeth on an old AEC And I'm champion at keeping them rolling I've sat in the cabin and broiled in the sun Been snowed up on scaffs on the Manchester run Crawled through the fog with my twenty-two ton Of fish that was stinking like blazes From London to Glasgow to the Newcastle quay From Liverpool, Preston and Bristol City The polons on the road give the thumb sign to me For I'm champion at keeping them rolling You may sing of your soldiers and sailors so bold But there's many and many a hero untold Who sits at the wheel in the heat and the cold Day after day without sleeping So watch out for cops and slow down at the bend Check all your gauges and watch your big end And zig with your lights when you pass an old friend You'll be champion at keeping them rolling
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