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Chamillionaire feat. Lil Wayne – Rock Star

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исполнитель Chamillionaire feat. Lil Wayne

правообладатель Chamillionaire

жанр Рэп

длительность 05:00

размер 11.47 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

I’m just a rocker dude Lookin for my rocker girl Baby I’ll rock your boat Rock your bed, and rock your world But gotta be as fly as me, me You gotta know how to rock your stuff, stuff VH1 Bret Michel’s, Be my rock of love Be as one, big stones Lemme rock you up Maybe marriage, baby carriage Lemme knock you up I could be your rocker daddy You could be my rocker mommy I could your chilly pepper You could be my hot tamale Have your ever made to a rockstar In a hot car with the top off In the middle of a parkin lot You don’t care who see, who look, or who watch ya Pretty face And the body soft as baby skin She hopped on me and rode I thought my name was Harley Davidson You got your tattoos I got my tattoos too We stayin all night and do what rockstars do We got the music Bumpin thru the system The room is real smoky Highlights in a mansion You loving all day You sleeping all night We up and hit the mall Sweats cus you on bait Try and imitate us But could never duplicate us Pull up in the Ferrari Saying hello to all my haters Have you ever mad love To a rockstar In a hot car With his guitar, playing on the side Have. you. ever. mad. love You drive a fast car I drive a fast car too Suicide doors with the topless roof Now were cursin Glasses on the face Cus he ducking paparazzi, they high speed chasin We gotta mazaretti but we driven in a range Cus we don’t give a damn Switch rides by the day, day, day Now this is what I call rockstar love This was the question I was thinkin of Have you ever mad love To a rockstar In a hot car With his guitar, playing on the side Have. you. ever. mad. love I’m a R.O.C.K star And I can play Like I play my guitar Call me Weezy F. the best you ever saw She the best you never saw Cudnt even loook at me Got a chauffeur But he ain’t even look me In the back seat poppin like fried chicken cookin And in tied to the Like eyes on bugizzy Shawty got class And no I won’t play hooky But no not never Put my feet on the pedal And make that guitar go medal like Ya told your girl I could play I could play the guitar
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