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L.O.X. feat. Mase & DMX – N****z Done Started Something (Album Version (Explicit))

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исполнитель L.O.X. feat. Mase & DMX

правообладатель Universal Music Group Def Jam Recordings

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:56

размер 11.30 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

N****z Done Started Something (Album Version (Explicit))
A yo let’s get papers And pop Mo' wit' hos Up in skyscrapers and condominiums Overlooking our drug capers New York City The only way to play is gritty I want cheddar so we could front Up in a 850 My whole committee like to puff Ls And look jiggy Who wan' test this? My semi leave you chestless And aint shit that you can say to me When you be breathless Young but I done did Shit that you won’t do So go 'head wit' that bullshit You blabber 'bout goin' through I got niggaz who pump On yo' block and in yo' spot Who’ll sit next to you Protectin' you, but they’ll murder you player Don status, nigga we gettin' chipsusses And bad bitchesses Frontin' in eclipsesses (verse 2--Ma$e) Yo, Ma$e and The Lox Be takin' knots >From the out o' state spots Any nigga make it hot Get found in a vacant lot You don’t really wanna come try The one guy, who stay dumb high >From blunt la Practicing seeing alumni Who got more beef than a Islamic farm So I pack enough sonic arms To neutralize atomic bombs It’s not a nigga in ya gang want it My A-K slay gays, spray strays Wit' niggaz names on it Often I bug then bust off on a thug Have a chump coughin' blood Fill his coffin wit' slugs Yo, you know I got enough guns to wreck a nation Any nigga wave a tek at Mason Have a explanation You bring it through and I’m undoin' 'em Then I’m beatin' 'em down wit' aluminium Then I’m putin' 2 in 'em You can’t touch me I been devil sent Wanted for embezelment A lot of other things But that’s irrelevant If you love the money Then prepare to die for it Niggaz done started somethin' You can lay in the flames Or hug the sky for it Niggaz done started somethin' (verse 3--Jay) Yo, check out the kid that get coke like Sosa Never turned down chocha Be in the Costa Rica Sippin' margaritas wit' a mommy Cleanin' my Tommy Showin' love to my army Whenever The Lox find rippy blocks we kill 'em Yeah I hear niggaz but I still don’t feel 'em And this is for the listeners and prisoners And them jealous rap cats that prefer dissin' us My 16s be so real you can feel 'em in yo' vein Like Remelos Pops from Sugar Hill Jay be the cause for the kiss at yo' wake Cartel lips spittin' clips at yo' face We started from the bottom You’ll see fed niggaz pardon Whatever, we can do it at The Garden Word life, this shit is real B I’m makin' niggaz blow proud Even if they not guilty (verse 4--Styles) I want a palace for my thugs Wit' oriental rugs Green backs and drugs Get whacked for the love 20 niggaz batter me Still couldn’t shatter me I’m only gettin' up Splittin' up yo' anatomy Official Lok family Grants niggaz handin' me I want the finer things And I hope you understandin' me Sitin' at the table planin' Plug the fan in Let the sweat dry off And then grab the cannon Think the smartest And retaliate the hardest, regardless If you a thug or a rap artist Respect me like Pesci And if rap was hockey I’d be Gretsky Puffin' nestle And yall niggaz done started somethin' Actin' invincible like you God or somethin' If you God Then I’ma makes a lot 'til you rot And if you a playa Then play for everything you got And if you a thug Then start bustin' off shots And if you a dog You better bite befor you bark (verse 5--DMX) Don’t come at me wit' no bullshit Use caution 'Cuz when I wet shit I deck shit Like abortions For bigger portions Of extortion and raketeering Got niggaz fearin' Fuck what you heard It’s what you hearin' How much darker must it get? How much harder must it hit? See if yo' hardest niggaz flip When I start a bunch o' shit I like pussy, but not up in my face So give me 3 feet 'Cuz when we creep no more than 3 deep Niggaz see sheep Bloodhounds found yo' shit Buried in the mud Follow wit' traces of gunpowder residue And blood A positive I.D. is impossible So you know John Doe Is what they gon' be puttin' On that tag on yo' toe Now who gon' tell yo' mother? Her baby’s under a cover in the morgue Stiff as a log, sniffed out by the dogs And I’m a hard-headed nigga that wouldn’t listen So you got what you came for (what's that?) Surgery, wit' the chainsaw I hit the fuckin' streets 'cuz like I said before Aint nothin' goin' down until I eat Muh fuckas think it’s all about impressin' bitches And stressin' bitches While I’m testin' bitches game Undressin' bitches and caressin' bitches And dealin' wit' muh fuckas on all levels What I’m dealin' wit' is all devils Fuckin' wit' snakes Runnin' wit' niggaz you call rebels I got a army o' 7:30 niggas, dirty niggaz They come through and worry niggaz 30 niggaz that like to bury niggaz And scary niggaz get it all the time 'Cuz what they got is all o' mine 'Yo' man was talkin' shit until I pulled the 9' And if I don’t know you I don’t fuck wit' you And if you wit' my man then he gettin' stuck wit' you And gave it to Money 'Cuz I just lost my mind when he crossed the line Sent his back through his chest then I tossed the 9 Boss o' crime, black Gotti I stack bodies with the black shottie Bitch ass niggaz that act snotty Get it (These niggaz is for real) (These niggaz aint playin') This aint no fuckin' game You think we playin' Ruff Ryders Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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