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Allure – Ever Enough

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исполнитель Allure

правообладатель OOO "Байфилд"

жанр Транс

длительность 07:21

размер 16.86 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено ООО "Байфилд"

Ever Enough
No I’m never gonna leave you darling No I’m never gonna go regardless Everything inside of me is living in your heartbeat Even when all the lights are fading Even then if your hope was shaking I’m here holding on I will always be yours forever and more Through the push and the pull I still drown in your love And drink 'til I’m drunk And all that I’ve done Is it ever enough? I’m hanging on a line here baby I need more than if’s and maybe’s We’ll come down from the highest heights Still searching for the reason why And now I know what it’s like Reaching from the other side After all that I’ve done For all that it’s worth, is it worth it? Cause more than it’s hard to desert it For all that it’s worth, is it worth it? How do we know without searching? I will write you this song to get back what’s ours Would that be enough? For all that it’s worth, is it worth it? Is it ever enough? How could we know without searching? Is it ever enough?
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