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    1)Airway was a musical ensemble based within the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
    Airway was initially a solo project of Le Forte Four member Joe Potts. The first release was the Airway 7», which featured subliminal messages to coincide with an art exhibition in Tokyo.[citation needed] In August 1978 Airway made their live debut at the Lace Gallery. This lineup featured Potts and Chip Chapman on electronics, Vetza on vocals, Rick Potts on mandolin, Dennis Duck on saxophone, Juan Gomez on bass, and Tom Recchion on drums. They attempted to create subliminal messages beneath a wall of noise by using tape delay. Recordings from the performance were released as Live At LACE by the Los Angeles Free Music Society. «Live at LACE» was reissued by Harbinger Sound in 2006.
    Throughout 1978 the group performed more concerts with differing lineups, but always with Joe Potts’ subliminal message experiments. The project disbanded in 1979. Airway reformed in 1998 for a performance at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, which featured 18 musicians. Recordings from the performance were released as Beyond the Pink Live by the Cortical Foundation.
    Their sound influenced the Japanese noise band Hijokaidan.

    2)Valerio Morossi: Бас,вокал
    Sandro Cisolla:Гитара,бэк-вокал
    Alessandro Cecino: Гитара,бэк-вокал
    Alessandro Carlozzo: Ударные

    Группа образовалась в 1999 и изначально играла в стиле «Green Day» и делала каверы на их песни.
    В 2002 стилистика команды поменялась.
    Они определились-Emo-core,Screamo.
    Вскоре группа добивается известности во всей Италии,в данный момент они в туре по штатам,и заодно покоряют Европу.