Существуют как минимум 2 группы с таким называнием:

1) Мексиканская группа играющая thrash death metal. Группа основана в городе Мехико.

Paulino «Pelon» Ezquer - вокал
Benny «Venado» Vazquez -
Miguel «Thrasher» Cortes - гитара

AK-47 Demo, 1996
Pedigree Split, 1997
Crecerse al Dolor Full-length, 1999

Официальная страница на myspace:

Авангард китайского хард-кора.

Одна из наиболее интересных современных рок-групп Китая.
Если попытаться охарактеризовать стиль группы, то получится причудливая смесь hardcore, industrial и элементов китайской народной музыки вместе.

* Zhang Zhi Yong (vocals)
* Zhang Yang (guitar)
* Li Si Wei (guitar)
* Lu Wei (drum)
* Meng Qing Wang (sampling)

О группе из китайских рок-энциклопедий:
AK 47 stands for a new modern noisy hardcore metal that cannot be really described. You have to watch and listen to them, you have to enjoy one of their concerts to know the energy and the anger that this combo is spreading amongst the audience.
Usually wearing a brown uniform with a red AK 47 cloth wrapped around their arm they look more like a army war troop on execution course, but this is not what they are about! They want to spread their music full of power and not bombs full of death as another indivual name G.W.B.
They have released their debut record Chu Fa / Start Off in 2006.

October 2000, AK 47 is formed around Lao Mao (born 1975) as a band concentrating on industrial, techno and digital hardcore, music styles they are going to transform later on into a new metal electro style. Their first live performance took place on December 23rd in the (old) Get Lucky Bar in Beijing.
May 2001, AK 47 performed on the Midi Modern Music Festival 2001. November the same year, AK 47 produces its first demo record.
January 2002, AK 47 performs on a festival in Kunming. Later in May, AK 47 performed on the Midi Modern Music Festival 2002, however due to AK 47’s variation on instruments and techniques, and the unreliability of the provided equipment during the festival, their live performance was a desaster.
Around June 2002, AK 47s music style changed from previous electro-heavy industrial to industrial metal.