Sunstroke Project

Sunstroke Project

    После раскола в коллективе Sunstroke project - ,бывшими участниками и авторами был создан альтернативный проект - Offbeat orchestra, к этому проекту по праву перешли и некоторые композиции Sunstroke.
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    For now - Creativity of Sunstroke continues by New Band -
    Offbeat Orchestra – is a combination of a driving piano ,new music technology(Kaos pad, drum mashine etc.), a lively saxophone and a live quality vocal part in combination with modern rhythmic music.

    This new and youthful orchestra “Offbeat” is credited with a number of performances both in the CIS - Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, etc. and Europe – Romania, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Latvia, Norway etc. The energetic guys from Offbeat orchestra take part in important festivals and open-air concerts; they perform together with such artists as Dj Tiesto , Yves larock, Fragma, Lexter, Mishel Shellers, Rio, Inna, Deep side Dj’s etc.

    Offbeat’s music entered the top-hits lists of numerous radio stations and music collections (“Dance Paradise” (Russia) Metro Hits (Turkey) etc.) In addition to the writing their own music, the Offbeat Orchestra is also a club music show, where hit songs are combined with a live performance of the piano and saxophone, where music from the past gets a new club sound, and above all – where the original Live Performance takes place.
    In 2010 the Offbeat orchestra will take part in one of the most popular Festival on Ibiza!!!

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