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Jerry Lee Lewis – You Can Have Her

Jerry Lee Lewis
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исполнитель Jerry Lee Lewis

правообладатель Universal Music Group Mercury Nashville

длительность 02:22

размер 5.44 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

You Can Have Her
Well you can have her I don't want her she didn't love me anyway She only wanted someone to play with Jerry Lee wanted a love to stay Well if you get stuck with the wrong woman there's only one thing that you can do Just dig a hole jump right in it pull the ground right over you You can have her (you can have her) I don't want her (I don't want her) She didn't love me (she didn't love me ) anyway (anyway) She only wanted (she only wanted) someone to play with (someone to lay with) But all I wanted (but all I wanted) was love to stay (was love to stay) The girl I love she up and left me she ran away with ol' Jerry Lee's best friend Come home at night just for an hour When day light comes when day light comes she's gone again You can have her (you can have her)... Life without love is mighty empty but confession's good for the old soul I'd rather have love that I can cling to than have the world and all of it's gold (You can have her) you can have her... Sing it children you can have her (you can have her)...
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