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Duane Allman – No Money Down

Duane Allman
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исполнитель Duane Allman

правообладатель Universal Music Group Mercury Records

длительность 03:27

размер 7.90 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

No Money Down
As I was motivating back towards town I seen a Cadillac sign, it said no money down So I eased on the brake, and I pulled up there in the drive I gunned up the motor and then I walked on inside The dealer came down and said man trade that Ford I can put you in a car that will eat up the road Now you just tell me what you want And then sign on this line I'll have it brought right to your house In about an hour's time I'm gonna get me a car And I'm gonna head on down the road Ain't gonna have to worry no more Bout that broke down raggity Ford Well mister I want a yellow convertible a four door deville Man I want a continnetial spare and some white chrome wheels And power steering and uh a power brakes And a powerful motor with a jet off take Some nice cool air condition and some nice warm heat And a big old feather bedroom pillow in the back seat I want a ship to shore radio a colour TV and a phone So I can talk to my honey while I'm riding alone I wanna get me a car yeah And head on down the road I don't have to worry no more Bout that broke down raggity Ford And also I want four carburetors and I want two straight exhaust I want a nuclear reactor and I don't care what it cost I want a railroad air horn I want a phycadellic strobe spot And I want a 15 year guarantee on everything that I got I want a two dollar deductible and I want a 20 dollar note I want a 150,000 dollars liability and that's all she wrote I gonna get me a car And head on down the road I don't wanna have to worry no more Bout that broke down raggity Ford
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