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M.I.A. – Lights

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исполнитель M.I.A.

правообладатель СБА МП,Universal Music Group Interscope

жанр Электроника

длительность 04:35

размер 10.52 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

[Intro] x24 Lights they bend and Lights they bend and jump and always move really fast Colors emerge light box had me in their grasp We be rocking, we be rocking rocking in the car Lights in sky goddess bumping a sitar These lights yeah, these lights yeah Green colors looking nice yeah Turn it up too loud all the lights will turn red If you upstairs you can hear it in the bed Rainbows in my vision move into the rhythm Electic shadows in my ear got me dancing spinnin' Northern lights on my mind all the colors rhyme Loving me all the time keep that on your timeline I keep my distance even though I shine For me to tell you things you need to be the right kind Even though it’s clear like a street sign Some people don’t get it so I keep 'em in line It’s good to take a minute and take it all in It’s so important sometimes that I blow off steam Got to get another sweater from my helicopter Got to get a closer look at what they all stick at Doesn’t need some lights that I used to trick out I got them from a Chinese dude I went to check out People need to get some and put some in your pocket You might need some later when you finally unlock it Lights on ring cameras and things Flashing like bling love loving when I sing Sparkles on the charcoal as a fire lit up Headlights off a power in the city lit up All I wanna, all I wanna, all I wanna do Is roll through the city star gazing with you Lights a selector, original nutter I used to be a bad girl now I’m even better I don’t keep on berreta I don’t sell like a shotta I don’t often twitter They still see me as a threat er I’m counter to the counter Put your money on the counter I’m standing at the counter say, "Hi!" to my hunter I did as freaking Santa I eat at benne hanna I can make em feel good I’m running youth centers I’m aiming for the centers Sending light beams to sender I think we can make it So sip a little winner
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