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Bok van Blerk – Afrikanerhart

Bok van Blerk
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исполнитель Bok van Blerk

правообладатель Universal Music (Pty) Ltd.

длительность 04:37

размер 10.59 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

In fire and blood do I find myself now As every boer and child and wife A superior power now rules our land Stand armed to the teeth Its shadow falls a dark cloud Over the future of our people And if we don’t fight we will vanish At Magersfontein, at Magersfontein, at Magersfontein Do we draw the line Come boer warriors, be heroes now The day of reckoning is here The enemy is running over our fields Stand your ground against canon fire The English soldiers (kakies) want to defeat our people Promise pain and sorrow But if you shoot, shoot me through But if you shoot, shoot me through But if you shoot, shoot me through my Afrikaner heart If you ask me, I will tell you How the roots of my heart lie If you ask me, I will show you It’s my soil here in my fist Even if hell breaks loose behind us And even if heaven falls down Keep the line and stand your man It is here where we can stop them Stand firm South Africa Stand firm South Africa
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