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Billie Holiday – Some Other Spring

Billie Holiday
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исполнитель Billie Holiday

правообладатель Verve Reissues

жанр Джаз

длительность 03:35

размер 8.22 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Some Other Spring
Some other spring I’ll try to love Now I still cling To faded blossoms Fresh and worn Left crushed and torn Like the love affair I mourn Some other spring When twilight falls Will the night bring Another to me? Not your kind But let me find It’s not true that love is blind Sunshine’s around me But deep in my heart it’s cold as ice Love, once you’ve found me But can that story unfold twice? Some other spring Will my heart awake Stirring to sing Love’s magic music Then forget that old duet Find love in some other spring
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