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Slim Dusty – Bill (1996 Digital Remaster)

Slim Dusty
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исполнитель Slim Dusty

правообладатель Universal Music Group Slim Dusty Enterprises

жанр Кантри

длительность 03:13

размер 7.38 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Bill (1996 Digital Remaster)
He shall live to the end of this mad old world As he lived since the world began He never has done any good for himself But been good to every man He never has done any good for himself And I'm sure that he never will He drinks an' he swears an' he fights at times And his name is mostly Bill He carried a freezing mate to his cave And nursed him for all I know When Europe was mainly a sheet of ice Thousands of years ago He has stuck for many a mate since then He is with us everywhere still He loves and gambles when he is young And the girls all stick up for Bill He has thirsted on deserts that others might drink He has given, lest others should lack He has staggered, half blinded through fire or drought With a sick man on his back He is first to the rescue in tunnel or shaft From Bulli to Broken Hill When the water breaks in or the fire breaks out A Leader of men is Bill He is good for the noblest sacrifice He can do what few men can He will break his heart that the girl he loves May marry a better man And there's many a mother an' wife tonight Whose heart an' eyes will fill When she thinks of the days of long ago When she well might have stuck to Bill Maybe he's in trouble or hard up now Travelling far for work Or fighting a dead past down tonight In a lone camp west of Burke When he's happy an' flush take your sorrows to him And borrow as much as you will But when he's in trouble or stoney broke Why, you never will hear from Bill And when because of it's million sins This earth is cracked like a shell He would stand by a mate at the judgement gate And comfort him down in hell I haven't much sentiment left to waste But let cynics sneer if they will Perhaps God will fix up the world again For the sake of the likes of Bill
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