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Thumb – Victim Of Your Lies

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исполнитель Thumb

правообладатель Universal Music Group Electrola

жанр Рок

длительность 03:33

размер 8.13 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Victim Of Your Lies
Go get a grip, or you'll slip, 'cause your life is atrip and you will fall until you... Go and awake to escape, 'cause your life is a fake; you oughta break what you hate, or hate is your fate. Go get a grip or you'll slip, 'cause your life is a trip and you fall until you...hit after hit you might think this is it, but let the truth come out, you'll be alone with your shit. Your life is built with upon liesand cheap alibies, we'll see how long they can last, how long you get by...I call you a sucker, a cheap motherfucker, you lied in my face, I thougt we liked each other, but you didn't think so, your life is a no-go, so fall until you...hit after hit, come on this is it, the way that you needed it, open your eyes, let the truth rise and don't be a victim of all your lies! You're just a victim of your lies...go tell another one of your lies! You're just a victim of your lies! Look at the fruit of your labour and do me a favour, no more fucking up big time, maybe that's safer. If you don't believe me, finally you'll be alone and on your own...you don't own this world alone, it's time to stop all the lying, get off your throne. The lies that you cover, one after the other have made you so weak, you will never recover...sucker! What's it all good for, you always stood for...truth and honesty...no more. Now you're all lying, I guess you're just trying to make an impression, just keep on trying, but you haven't realized that you are almost paralysed, all of those lies, man, you have been victimized, catch 22 has gotten you, covering up lies is all that you do! You're just a victim of your lies...go tell another one of your lies! You're just a victim of your lies! Hit! Come on, hit!

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