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Thumb – This Life

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исполнитель Thumb

правообладатель Universal Music Group spin records

жанр Рок

длительность 03:15

размер 7.46 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

This Life
If we all stood up to be entirely us entirely free, how would our society Survive itself eventually ? And if we all stood up today to fight the walls Inside our heads, how would our society be ? We'll never see, 'cause we Restrict ourselves inside our heads. We socialize ourselves until we're Dead. We'll never be ourselves, and that's a fact, 'cause we just can't see ! This life to me is like a flower like a tree, you cut your roots, you Think you're free This life you'll see, just like flower like a tree, if you cut your roots You will no longer be! If we all came to agree to live our lives in harmony and to defy reality how would it change our destiny ? If we all were free to choose, if we're to win or we're to lose, how would our society be? We'll never see, 'cause we restrict ourselves inside our Heads. We socialize ourselves until we're dead. We'll never be ourselves And that's a fact, because we're so afraid ! We're born in this world to be another part of this society with no room at all for us to be what we had hoped to be. Restrict ourselves inside our heads, we socialize until we're dead, we can't be free, and that's a fact !
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