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Canned Heat – Harley Davidson Blues

Canned Heat
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исполнитель Canned Heat

правообладатель Universal Music Group Parlophone Catalogue

жанр Рок

длительность 03:22

размер 7.73 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Harley Davidson Blues
I've got them broke down Harley Davidson blues I started out with this basket case I thought I'd made quite a find I paid my money and took the thing home Folks thought I was outta my mind Cussin' and kickin' I got the thing runnin' Headed down the road with my motor just a gunnin' There came a knockin' noise down by my shoe I've got them broke down Harley Davidson blues I pulled off the road and got to a station No one could figure out what in tarnation Was makin' that knockin' noise down deep in her soul So I twisted and tightened and pounded and turned But the man shook his head and said "Well, I think she's burned" Settin by the road with a hadful of screws I've got the broke down Harley Davidson blues **musical interlude** Sittin' by the side ponderin' my fate When up pulls a man, and I'm tryin' to look straight Walked right up to me with a big old frown on his face Said, "Boy, you get this here pile of junk Lowdown rusty pice of funk Call someone and have it moved from this place I've got them broke down Harley Davidson blues (spoken): "Say, boy, ehy you got a license? Sure hope you got papers for that thing! You don't have no warrants out on ya?" "Huh?" "Get this thing outta here --- .
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