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Onyx – Phat (N' All Dat)

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исполнитель Onyx

правообладатель Universal Music Group Def Jam Recordings

жанр Старая школа рэпа

длительность 03:17

размер 7.53 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Phat (N' All Dat)
Phat, phat, phat-at-at-at-at-at-at-at-a-dat-dat-at and all dat It’s the phat funky blunt roller, the rock ripper Rude, ruff and right damn right the gun gripper Look no hands but damn do I got a handle Vandalistic, sarcastic phat tricks Ah oh yeah, they’re a dime a dozen Then discussin who to be bustin with my crews and crimeys How you like that, phatter datter da datter huh Ratta-tat-tat splatter one jump if you bad son Phat as a blue bag of boom for you buddah bandits I know you’re breakin on the phat tracks we’re makin So Sonee Seeza you next up to bat Phatter dat dat stay strapped Peace out phat Boy you besta move over cause we takin up crazy space Phat ready for combat stacked with all that tracks Not a rerun but it’s phatter than Freddy Stubbs I rock at the grimy clubs, get blunted with phat buds I’m here to let you know Onyx won’t lack what it take I scrape and scruff cause I’m in the rough Kinda like a diamond, I’m a hard rock Can’t move me, think you’re scheming then get the semen Out my cock a doodle do Huh? Who you think you’re kidding, these four villains’ Skills win and have crews through dealin Straight up, you had enough, I’m calling your bluff Body and fender so surrender kid you ain’t tough You can get some phatter stuff? Huh I doubt it But first just purchase my joint, you can’t be without it, it’s P-phat-H-phat-A-phat-T-phat P-H-A-T, P-H-A-T P-phat-H-phat-A-phat-T-phat P-H-A-T, P-H-A-T P-phat-H-phat-A-phat-T-phat P-H-A-T, P-H-A-T P-H-A-T Every ten years, they unleash phat sound Well this time it’s Sticky Fingaz, God’s gift to the underground For cryin out loud, sell outs are makin me sick And I want revenge kid, I die for my music You don’t understand, I worship hardcore Ya never shoulda let me get my boot in the door And if you think that’s a bluff then you got me all wrong son Gettin phat like this is easier said than done Raise up, rise and shine I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this time Now it’s time to get phat and all of that Ah hell, the phat rap scripts tips scales Go longer than endless trails, play my part stay sharp as darts and nails Ahh shut the hell up and don’t hold me back black I’m foamin at the grill piece cause I’m ready to rip the track Onyx is phat, so phat we need Slim Fast With the boom shaka boom shaka boom body crash
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