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Aura Dione – Before The Dinosaurs

Aura Dione
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исполнитель Aura Dione

длительность 04:09

размер 6.46 MB

битрейт 217 kbps

загружено Kenig68

Before The Dinosaurs
Long time ago so far away from here There was a time we couldn't disappear Before the birds have learnt how to fly There is ma-magic in this moment There is no dark side to the sunset You're with me and I am yours forever We were here before the dinosaurs We were hiding in the mountains We were here before the dinosaurs I was just practicing my guitar My heart is small, a democracy I hang your picture in my inner gallery You and me looking out from the mountain top Come with me into the deep Till you can touch the ground with your feet Come with me we'll swim in the sky That's how the birds learn how to fly And one day they say we'll go away But I want to stay forever Cause I was here before the dinosaurs Always practicing my guitar We were here before the dinosaurs[x3]
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