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Commodores – Jesus Is Love

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исполнитель Commodores

правообладатель Motown (Capitol)

длительность 05:57

размер 7.63 MB

битрейт 178 kbps

загружено zabalowski

Jesus Is Love
Father Help your children And don't let them fall By the side of the road Mmm...mmm... And teach them To love one another And heaven might find A place In their hearts Cause Jesus is love He won't let you down And I know He's mine forever Oh, in my heart We've got to walk on Walk on through temptation Cause His love and His wisdom Will be our helpin' hand And I know the Truth And His words will be our salvation Lift up our hearts To be thankful and glad That Jesus is love He won't let you down And I know He's mine Deep down in my soul Jesus is love Oh, yes, He is He won't let you down And I know He's mine, He's mine, He's mine, He's mine, all mine Forever, oh, in my heart Help me, heart, heart Ooh...ooh... (Deep in my heart) I know, I know, I know, I know Ah, cause His love's the power (Power) His love's the glory (Glory) Forever (Ever and ever) Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Ooh, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) I wanna follow your star Wherever it leads me And I don't mind, Lord I hope you don't mind I wanna walk with you And talk with you And do all the things you want me to do Cause I know that Jesus (Jesus is Love, I know) Cause I know, Lord (And if you ask, I'll show) (Love is the word forever) And ever and ever Who can bring you love (Jesus) Who can bring you joy (Jesus) Who can turn your life around (Jesus), oh Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (Yeah, yeah) Hey Who will pick you up (Jesus) When you fall (Jesus) Who'll stand beside you (Jesus) Who will love us all Hey, hey, Jesus (Yeah, yeah) Jesus (Yeah, yeah) Oh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) One thing I wanna say Who can heal your body (Jesus) Who can make you strong (Jesus) Who can help you to hold out (Jesus) A little while longer Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (Yeah, yeah) Jesus loves you (Yeah, yeah), Jesus wants you If you call Him, He will answer (Jesus) Call him in the mornin' (Jesus) Call him in the evenin' (Jesus) Call him in the midnight hour Hey, hey (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, y'all say it for me (Jesus is love)
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