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Billy Talent – Viking Death March

Billy Talent
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исполнитель Billy Talent

правообладатель Warner Music Group WM Canada

жанр Панк

длительность 00:30

размер 9.27 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Viking Death March
Viking Death March Down, let's take it down. Raise up the heads on a stake We will show no mercy on evolution's mistake Change, will have to wait, if we can't decide on a fate. Self-appointed profits and their doomsday charade. You preach about love and teach about faith. But all your beliefs are still rooted in hate! Припев: Crosses to burn, axes to fall, and down on your knees you just don't look so tall. Stop, punch in the clock, punch it with all of your rage. Put the men in office for a minimum wage. Rats, fighting for scraps. Siphon the gas from your tank. Left your pockets empty, as they laughed at the bank. They speak about draws, but make no mistake, they're shaking your hand while they spit in your face! Припев. Now, the time is now, we can still turn it around. Raise your voice like a weapon till they fall to the ground. Light, let there be light, without a shadow of doubt. We will fight tooth and nail until salvation is found. So how can you look the world in the eyes? When all we can see is corruption and lies! Down on your knees you just don't look so tall. Down on your knees you just don't look so tall. Cracking the whip on the backs of the poor. We asked you to stop but they still wanted more. The blood on your hands left a trail as you crawl. Down on your knees you just don't look so tall! Припев. Open your eyes and the empire falls!
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