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Christopher Wilde – Got to Believe

Christopher Wilde
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исполнитель Christopher Wilde

правообладатель Universal Music Group EMI Catalogue

длительность 03:20

размер 5.90 MB

битрейт 247 kbps

загружено Алексеевна_17

Got to Believe
All my life people tellin me just who I am They dont wanna know They dont really understand So many people tryin to tell me to be practicle Only think that I am undemensional But I can feel it There's a fire ragin underneath Running through the pages Here I am comin clean I'm sick of lyin to myself gotta a little truth And now I got to do what I gotta do Chorus This is where I should be There ain't no other place yeah Will my soul release please There ain't no other way I can feel it singin movin shakin Gotta go where the music takes me Let it set me free You got to believe Is there a crime to be just who I wanna be I need some space so I can chase all my dreams Cause when I hit the stage anything is possible I get lost in the song and then it is magical So crank it up feel the rush Send this time we lose I wanna feel the inspiration through my soul And theres a walk in place when I feel alive And I start to say You just can't deny Chorus When everybody's gone And I'm here all alone I dont gotta hide You've got to understand That tis is who I am And it's where I shine (x2) I know (chorus x2) Let it set me free (x2) You've got to believe
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