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Blackmore's Night – Faerie Queen (short Version)

Blackmore's Night
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исполнитель Blackmore's Night

длительность 03:18

размер 4.44 MB

битрейт 187 kbps

загружено Elsing

Faerie Queen (short Version)
Over on the hill There grows a flower Growing quicker still More perfect by the hour Deep within that flower Is a tiny chair All a-fringed with gold The fairy queen sits there… It is in her breath That the wind does blow It is in her heart As pure as winter snow It is in her tears Crystal raindrops fall And within her years That she is in us all… *Oh dark eyes Help me see Just one look She is gone Look on me We are one Fading with the setting sun… As the willow bows To her majesty All the forest flowers Love her mystery Who would not admire Who could not adore Who does not desire Who wishes to see more?
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