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Blackmore's Night – Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez cover)

Blackmore's Night
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исполнитель Blackmore's Night

длительность 00:30

размер 6.50 MB

битрейт 186 kbps

загружено Elsing

Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez cover)
Damn, I - Oh, here's your ghost again ... But this is not enough, Just the moon is full, And you suddenly rang. And I'm sitting here, And the phone in my hand, And the voice which I had Five or six light-years ago, Again cripples my life ... I remember his eyes, that the blue Than robins eggs; Foul work for you - my poems ... Where are you calling? Booth somewhere in the "Midwest" ... About ten years ago, Those cufflinks - remember? Oh, and you gave me something ... We all know that memory is - Only diamonds and dust ... You blew up the scene Already a legend - Unwashed phenomenon Distinctive stroller was Get lost my house. And you were here If lost at sea, And Madonna was yours - Yes, the one that amid shells Keeping watch over your mind. And I see you among the leaves in autumn, and snow in his hair; Smiling at me from the window of the hotel in Washington Square. Our frosty breath mingled in the mist Speaking just me, we could die if there ... And you say, What's not pining, - So find a different word to me, You who in different words strong And in the confusion - God. After all, I need this uncertainty now When all is clear - I loved you, And since the offer diamonds and ashes - Paid my bill.
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