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Paolo Nutini – Scream (Funk My Life Up)

Paolo Nutini
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исполнитель Paolo Nutini

правообладатель Warner Music Group Atlantic Records UK

длительность 00:30

размер 7.23 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner-Music-Group

Scream (Funk My Life Up)
How was I to know you’d just come along? (And funk my life up) Lips like they’ve been singing sexed up strawberry songs (Just funk my life up) Never heard her coming, thought it’s just another woman With a shotgun in her hand (Funk my life up) She’s the bass, she’s the beat, she’s the rhythm, she’s the band (Just funk my life up) And the girl, so fine makes you wanna scream hallelujah Sly hands, spinning webs like silk Beats are dripping on me like spider milk And I never heard the warning when I woke up in the morning With my sunshine on a drip She’s my rock, she’s my bud, she’s tequila, she’s a trip And that girl, so fine Makes you wanna scream hallelujah How could I refuse? I’m not fit to choose (Just funk my life up) Said the only way I win is the way I lose (Just funk my life up) And I never got the script, I unzipped Got a little bit wet up in my brain She’s your church, she’s your sin, she’s atomic, she’s the oh she’s the rain And the girl, so fine you wanna scream Yeah, yeah She gets me silly, she’s like a trick on me Hell, I don’t even know her name but yet she sticks to me And in the climax she would scream with me Yeah, she sticks to me She gets me funny, she doesn’t want none of my money So I pour it over her like gasoline Light a match and then I’m back in my teens Me and super girl smoking my green Me and super girl smoking my green Unload, reload, eyes back swinging Sweet thing, nose ring, Jeff Beck sings Roundhouse, going down… Let’s go! And the girl so fine makes you wanna scream hallelujah Hallelujah Yeah, the girl, so fine, you wanna scream
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