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The Brand New Heavies – Wake Me When I'm Dead (feat. Master Ace)

The Brand New Heavies
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исполнитель The Brand New Heavies

правообладатель Warner Music Group London Music Stream/Because Music

жанр Электроника

длительность 00:30

размер 8.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Wake Me When I'm Dead (feat. Master Ace)
Boom! Am I dead yet? I don't think so Masta Ace in the place Oh, what a night, yo, that I've just been through I barely made it home from this hip-hop venue These two guys, no three guys, no four, no, this posse Try to fake a move and bumrush me like a Nazi Underground club where the kids [??] I almost got an avalanche dropped on my shoulders 'Cause I writes the fat raps and kids memorize 'em I tries, um, this new style and, boy, did I surprise 'em They said "Yo, that's too hype, yo, who's he think he is? He's supposed to be commercial like that song about the Biz" The kid said "Masta Ace, yo, what's the deal wit' the switchin'?" He's bitchin', didn't like the rap I was pitchin' You see, he was a rapper wit' a single about to drop His record label told him that he had to make it pop Take it from me, Jack, you're sadly mistaken A lot of record labels been tryin' to get the bacon By makin' a brother into somethin' he is not and You're better of a dammer on a farm pickin' cotton They mold ya and shape ya, they bend and they twist ya They get paid like quick fast and that's when they diss ya So homeboy, you're better off comin' from the heart And lettin' the kids put your record on the chart You must use your head and forget what they said 'Cause in about a year, you'll be like "Wake me when I'm dead" (Wake up!) The Masta, the Ace and the Brand New, the Heavies If this was an opera, I'd probably say Figaro Black kid from Brooklyn, but don't call me nigga, though I rocks the jams for the young population I wonder, I wonder, can I change the nation? It's futile, so I try, it's hopeless, yeah, maybe But I can't sit home and write Ice, Ice Baby 'Cause if it comes down to, I must have a pocket I go get a day-job and rappin', I'll stop it I'm never goin' out, so, yo, firm I am standin' 'Cause my jams are fat like a cop named Canon My rap is for the mind, it's nutritious My word is final, the vinyl is delicious So face it as if it was a hot fudge sundae Or I'll come get mine, I guess maybe one day I gotta work hard and must use my head You'll never hit the point, I'm sayin' "Wake me when I'm dead" Wake me when I'm dead, ayo, wake me when I'm dead 'Cause life is like a nightmare, I'm gonna lose my head So I make the jams that'll make me feel better I hear a lot of groups that be cheesier than cheddar But this jam is well bulit like '57 Chevies The Masta, the Ace and the Brand New, the Heavies So weight is on ya, underground scalin' We be prevailin' while others be failin' I'm hailin' from Brooklyn and I strive for the ends But I don't need a Beemer and I don't need a Benz Still, I get respect for the style I'll be choosin' Rappin' to the soul kind of jazz like fusion I'm cruisin', not for a bruisin', but I'll break up Anythin' that's ballin' like an L.A. Laker So I rocks the West Coast as well as the city, yo I got crazy Flava like a P.E. video Plus I got a lot of, um, skill and that's word, Akh What battle? Who, me, G? You're crazier than Murdoch Instead of confrontin', you oughta be checkin' The time 'cause it's wastin', second after second You're so busy rippin' and darin' kids to shoot ya Accordin' to the Jetsons, there's no blacks in the future You better wake up before you're in over your head Tomorrow, you'll be screamin' "Wake me when I'm dead"
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