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Busta Rhymes – The Heist (feat. Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killa + Roc-Marciano of the Flipmode Squad)

Busta Rhymes
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исполнитель Busta Rhymes

правообладатель Warner Music Group Elektra Records

жанр Классический рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 9.80 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

The Heist (feat. Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killa + Roc-Marciano of the Flipmode Squad)
Straight up nigga, I’m a money nigga man You know what time it is wit me, yo That’s right Take the track, cut the heads off, split it down the middle man Take the bones out man for real Yeah all applepie yeah Straight up, Flipmode BK king It was the best heist since ice Precise rituals Skated outta Jacob’s wit the Fruit Loop jewels Holdin a navy blue uzi Krush Groovin waves off the atlas Coolin, that’s how we make movies Basketball gun brawlers, bounce Black down 'bill-a-head banks, Malibu colorful shanks That’s the way we live, Staten Island kid Old dog in it, the thug vaccine wit no pork in it Vivid imagination paper chasin Dufflebag swollen, we holdin Drink chocolate milk before we roll in It’s like that ya’ll, we gangstas Stickin all you Bay Ridge Benzes I’m out to get erect, terrific shit be the diamond district Tiffany’s, pretty Valentine brick is on the second floor balcony Gems is magnificent, diamonds is cryin Busta Rhymes take me, nevermind help! Aiyyo caught em at the ice pavilion Dressy, salad bar style Nestle Four white niggas, covered in vest pieces Think like a mob flick Guessin like Patsy in the mask, piece bust Got aggravated, slapped the glass piece One nigga beamin, faggot ass Lay on the floor ya fuck! Tied his broken arm to his Hush Puppies Wrapped around trauma, everything realer than fuck Tajuana left my nigga niece live comma Three young Italians, suited down personal style I’m in valour white designin on the 'dallions Felt like some crackers was in back of me Spit on the clerk, pass the Harry Winston set Ghost backin me Bust a shot, motored Four male in paper work Lord We get together once more before we blow this Murdered nobody Left em all baseball’d down, brotha Three wicked ass 6's, Gucci colors MONEY! Drop dead on the floor Nigga, pass the keys to the door Pass me all the cash in the drawer Or I promise you’ll be payin the price Feelin like a nigga died twice Execute the world’s greatest diamond heist Ya’ll niggas know we out to get this MONEY! C’mon MONEY! 7x Raekwon, Ghostface, Rocky Marce C’MON! Let’s get this money nigga Yeah we? near the mind? out west Somewhere in Africa The Feds is after us, vest on my back Whippin the Acuras, feel like a mac bustin A rug in Preston on percussion I’ll bust in your gate, nigga it’s nothin A hail storm, ice rainin, mind containin Info, nigga what you in for? Complainin Sick bars deep in this language Did I tell you how my day’s spent? Speakin through the face of Ronald Regan Iceberg History, calligraphy Colidescope colors, hollow-head shells and flarin gunmen Hate to see me comin like gray skies on day of judgment Makes you wonder where the love went Hit a nigga, feed him to some buzzards Put up numbers, plus I’m one to push his mug in We duck in the safe, check what I’m huggin Rocks the size of some shit, out in the congo My arms full, let’s get the fuck out, Busta I got you Aiyyo we do great study on fossils and stones like archeologists Gem-ologists, collect the most priceless ices anonymous Canary stones yellow like a pumpkin Dunkin Donut precious size stones make me wanna cut the safe open Rae pass the blowtorch, Ghost brought the dynamite stick Marciano brought a chisel wit an ice pick Princess cuts, invisible settings Plannin the world’s greatest diamond heist playin a tune by Otis Redding Icicle cones hang from the ceiling just like stalagmites Time to throw on a skully and tying a rag tight Throwin light went off and in the basket Grabbed the necklace from off the satin pillow while the glass casket Ice lay across the crushed burgandy velvet Up in the diamond slide-tray Gun in your face, slide it right away Roundtable with Habib, Mirishnokof, and the rest of them Jewish niggas We got them niggas drunk and talkin foolish see You know the way we straight manipulated the shit We swindle them niggas for all their precious things before we skated and shit Yeah, ya’ll niggas know we skated early Disguised ourselves as the cidic Jews and even left my sideburns curly Bounce to Mexico and spend some pesos And bury the diamonds on an island your never heard Like Turks in Keikos Everytime we hit, we in and out quick Don’t be surprised if we behind supplyin niggas all the platinum and shit MONEY! 17x Yeah, the world’s greatest jewel heist Thoroughly and successfully executed By none other than Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef Rock Marciano and Busta Rhymes A job well done fellas, very good piece of work
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