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Faith Hill – Dearly Beloved

Faith Hill
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исполнитель Faith Hill

правообладатель Warner Records/Nashville

длительность 00:30

размер 5.44 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Dearly Beloved
Alright Here we go Good morning, dearly beloved We are gathered here today To watch two people we know make a big mistake They’ll stand up at the alter And solemnly swear «I do» They’ll be together forever 'Til they find somebody new Her daddy’s in the front row Muttering «Oh no, here we go again» They had a couple dates Now she’s three months late And it’s twenty bucks a plate I spent, oh Good morning, dearly beloved I’d like to welcome ya’ll To see the side effects of sex and alcohol Please bow your heads and join me In a prayer for these two Who’ll be together forever 'Til they find somebody new Alright! The bride is a flirt and the groom is worse As he’s putting the ring on her He’s checking out the bridesmaids Thinking that he might take The maid of honor’s honor, oh Welcome, dearly beloved We are here this afternoon To throw rice as these two Drive down the road to ruin With cans tied to the bumper And a draggin' muffler too They’ll be together forever 'Til they find somebody new So raise your glass and join me Here’s to the bride and groom They’ll be together forever 'Til they find somebody new Ya’ll come back, ya hear now? Thanks Dad Hahaha
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