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Tim Armstrong – Inner City Violence (Cd)

Tim Armstrong
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исполнитель Tim Armstrong

жанр Альтернатива

длительность 03:50

размер 8.79 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

Inner City Violence (Cd)
Shut down, boom town, lowdown downtown Streets go prepare for war (inner city violence) When the law come over, then they run for cover Opportunity shut the door (inner city) When the guns are blazin', streets of Mogadishu Baghdad back to Bahru (inner city violence) And I weigh my opinion on a death squad killin’s Every time I hear the firearms shoot (inner city) No control, street curfew now in play Violence sustained Civil liberty’s now destroyed Cursed intimidation brought on by force Re-generated crime wave Settin' things off course These days insane, atrocity’s rise Oppressin' systems through the fields now divide Masters of mankind spewed in God speech Can see you all in this, all the endless deceit? (Repeat 1st verse) Street signs in in Cyrillic taught me about our past Hi-tech retro systems, annihilate so fast Fury and anger tried to seminate This eradicative warfare escalates Conflict (?) Defenses started, no culpability High calculated, deadlier restrains Rain down upon helpless human beings Inner city violence Inner city
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