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Tori Amos – Thoughts (2015 Remaster)

Tori Amos
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исполнитель Tori Amos

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

длительность 00:30

размер 6.26 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner-Music-Group

Thoughts (2015 Remaster)
My thoughts right now I picked up a magazine Here, here they go Fifteen hundred years, Fifteen hundred years right here Oh, burning witches, burning books Burning babies and their looks Yes, indeed Burning everything that’s sacred in my jeans Thoughts right now She’d been everybody else’s girl Thoughts right now Now Thoughts right now Aye, right now In my head, in my head Never here I’m never here I’m never here I’m never, never a bird In the flower, in the tree In the pain of the respect thereof Yes, indeed! Thoughts right now What will become of me? Become of her? Become of we, babe? Yeah The two versions of the Winter single lyrics that are in the current Directory of Tori Amos lyrics are incomplete/incorrect and should be Replaced by the new file winteruslimitededitionsingle (The wintercdsingles file is missing a song, and the Winterfromcover file has incomplete lyrics for some songs)
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