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Ice-t – Make It Funky

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исполнитель Ice-t

правообладатель Rhino/Warner Records

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 11.85 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Make It Funky
(Make it funky) So the people can get down to the funky sound Cause my crew don't mess around (Make it funky) So the girls can get busy,dog the dance floor Make the guys get dizzy (Make it funky) Totally def as Evil E cuts the records and the beat is kept (Make it funky) Stupid fly,it's got to be F-U-N-K-Y So that you can get loose as I produce sounds hard as the deuce Manipulate the bass gain give the level's a boost The lyric layer rhyme sayer,born to be player If politics were my kick then I'd be your mayor Governator,Senator,I'm your mentor Rap rhythm is erratic,time is four, four I'm the microphone scholar,clockin' long dollars Here to make the place funky while the fly girls holler Genius vocalist,rhyme style priceless Pound of gold around my neck,mic in my first The microphone virtuoso crazy insane I'm loco With the speed to exceed,make other MC's look slow mo Un-lease release words mean as a beast I eat MC's for lunch and dinner,I can serve for a feast Their rhymes are elementary,mine deserve a PH D This beat is F-U-N-Key my name is Ice T Make it funky Undoubtedly you recognize this jam is the ultimate cut Uncontrollably you motivate and move your butt It's rough the beat is gangsterous,call it tough If you're diss'n stop frontin',come on whats up? Complicated voice gymnastics are all in your face Vegas got my highs,E.V's got control my bass My break is comin' get busy no time ta waste Now's the time do body work here's the place Make it funky Make it funky enough so the tracks lay tough Cause I'm tossin' it up and the Ice don't bluff The girl charmer toy Harmer,juice strong as armor When I stand upon the stage you could call it melodrama Intense suspense my voice immense I wouldn't have you come and see me under false pretense The girlies do be wild'n'as I'm profilin' Limos lined around the block for about a mile'n'a half Autographs the list goes on If you forgot it "make it funky" is the name of this song Stupid dope and you know it,it rates a ten You pray my DJ cuts the records so it starts again Cause I can keep the mic cookin' for an entire month My rhymes are always hard hittin' I don't know how to bunt My DJ cuts like a laser E-V-I-L-E Put your finger on the records Make it,Make it funky Make it funky
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