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Gilbert O'Sullivan – You Are You

Gilbert O'Sullivan
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исполнитель Gilbert O'Sullivan

правообладатель Union Square

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 7.59 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

You Are You
You're every dream I've ever dreamt You are by far the only apartment That I'd ever care to rent You're like Doctor Kissenger On a peace trip or two But most important of all You are you You're like a painting by Cozanne A tin of soup by Andy Warhol A sonata by Chopin You're like the Queen of England Not forgetting the Duke But most important of all You are you I'm no genius when it comes to world affairs On the other hand when I am with you who cares As you can see You're my priority But most important of all You are you I don't suppose that there_s the slightest little chance You might allow me to consummate our romance Your know what, you're a supersonic flight A song by Lennon and McCartney A Mohammed Ali fight You're like Brigitte Bardot No way Danny La Rue... But most important of all You are you Yes most important of all You are, you are, you are you
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