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Burl Ives – One Hour Ahead of the Posse

Burl Ives
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исполнитель Burl Ives

длительность 03:05

размер 7.07 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50219081

One Hour Ahead of the Posse
--------------------------------------- One hour ahead of the posse the bloodhounds are hot on my trail last night I shot my sweetheart this morning I broke out of jail my Pinto is tired and hungry and I'm feeling weary and warm we started ahead of the posse and we got to keep going on the sherrif aswored he would get me he's riding with 20 and 5 but I'm not afeared of that posse they never will get me alive One hour ahead of the posse no turning to left or to right we must win the race to the river or there'll be a hanging tonight one hour ahead of the posse no time for remorse or regret but somehow her eyes still haunt me her laughter is taunting me yet it started the night that we might she kissed me and vowed she would care I traded the gold in pocket to fondle the curls in her hair she lied when she told me she loved me she lied with each kiss that she gave she lied to the moment I caught her and now she lies still in her grave on hour ahead of the posse the night is a-coming on fast we must win the race to the rio and well shake that old posse at last we're nearing the end of our journey and now I'm inside of my goal at last we've beaten the posse - gun shot - may the Lord have mercy on my soul
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