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Whodini – Escape (I Need a Break) (Special Extended Mix)

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исполнитель Whodini

правообладатель Sony Music UK

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 12.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Escape (I Need a Break) (Special Extended Mix)
Escape, gotta get away I need a break, gotta get away I left my house this morning on my way to work Some lady on the train spilled coffee on my shirt And people started laughing like the whole thing was funny I woulda went home except I need the money 'Cause times is hard, my boss is crazy The guy that works with me he’s so damn lazy Sits around all day drinks coffee and tea He expects all the work to be done by me And sometimes I wonder what they hired me for To operate computers or run to the store And when I ask for a raise, they tell me be patient I’ve been working three years without a damn vacation Things could be better but they’re gettin' worse Until I got this job I never used to curse Well, I’ve had it up to here with people treating me wrong Somebody tell the DJ to play my song! Escape, gotta get away I need a break, gotta get away I buy a lottery ticket every chance I get And if I hit I got someplace my boss can kiss My friends are backstabbing so I hang out alone Think it’s crazy on my job it’s no better at home My girl’s half-mad, she drives me wild All she ever cares about is rippin' the styles She wants diamonds, furs, and now she wants kids But what she needs is somewhere else to live My psychiatrist tells me to give her more time But one more second might blow my mind The pressure’s building up on me more and more It’s gotten so I’m doing things I’ve never done before I need a break, y’all, I can’t take this place I feel locked up and I wanna escape And I wanna escape, and I wanna escape, escape, escape, escape, escape, escape! escape, escape So you wanna leave your job, but you need the funds Take a sick day off and find another one And if your girl or your man ain’t treatin' you right Just the same buncha headaches night after night Don’t go crazy trying to please somebody else You don’t owe them a thing but you owe it yourself So do what you gotta in order to escape Take it from me it’s never too late 'Cause I’m breaking these chains I may never come back Going to go out and give myself a rap attack And if I like it a lot I’m going to make it a double And if you stand in my way you’re looking for trouble There’s only one way for me to have peace And that’s for me to go out and rock the beat, ha So turn up the highs, boost up the bass Come on everybody let’s rock the place! Gotta get away Escape, gotta get away I need a break Gotta get away Escape, gotta get away I need a break, gotta get away
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