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Whodini – Cash Money

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исполнитель Whodini

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Sony Music UK

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 11.76 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Cash Money
Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) You see Bill has lots of dollars so we call him dollar bill He spends money like a fool 'cuz it gives him a thrill The aim of his game is wealth and fame A real wild lifestyle connected to his name He's got Gucci on his arm, dressed in Louis Vuitton AMG Mercedes Benz with a phone and alarm But if you try and call Bill, you'll be too late 'Cuz Bill's got a bill he has to pay Upstate with no Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) Suzie's man's had a good job working 9 to 5 She said she wanted luxury, not only to survive So now he's got another job from 10 to 4 And she still complains he's never home no more You should've kissed him but you dissed him so he closed that door You say you miss him but you're suing him for divorce You wanted half of his cash and lawyer laughed Now the only thing you are is another poor ass with no Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) Young boys on the corner outside selling crack So they can drive in their sports car and wear big hats Politicians just admitting about the deals that they've made About the money they have stolen for the last decade A bank teller catch a crook steals a hundred bucks It's not that it was a hundred, it was a hundred too much I've got a dollar to my name and you want to borrow that When I yell "Hard times!", "Tough Luck!" echoes back in my face Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) Donny and Dawn, they spend all that they've got When you tell them "Slow down" they say they just can't stop They say what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine But the Money Huts they make designs how they recline So if you want a big house with chandelier light Pay attention to your spending and we'll be alright 'Cuz every dollar that is made must be properly spent Stop spending all that money like you have no sense I'm only telling you once, don't make me have to get ill That if you like the way you're living, I think you'd better chill with the Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) We're the W-H-O-D-I-N-I And we have decided to get a piece of the pie We're not rhyming for the money this is straight from my heart People think my car sounds funny but I can't get it to start As I did it you were with it on top of the charts I'm not rocking for the money what I do is an art People say "Yo, Whodini, I heard you made a killer Where's your house and where's your car?" Yo, man, we're just chilling with Cash Money Cold Cash Money (x4) --- .
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